What are the 5 types of entrepreneurship- Kassem Ajami

Kassem Ajami

What Type of Entrepreneur Are You? When we talked about entrepreneur characteristics in our former post, we stressed how entrepreneurs need passion, fortitude and a lot of tone- confidence to be successful in business. To be a successful entrepreneur like Kassem Ajami, you also have to suppose else and make right opinions like knowing when and how … Read more

Ajami Kassem Explains-The Future of Digital Marketing in Nigeria: Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

Last year when we were tasked with writing an article on Nigeria’s Digital Marketing Trends, we thought artificial intelligence and automation had hit a massive scale as I looked into the future and it has surprised us ever since. That it requires a new approach to represent the changes we are experiencing. And so, in … Read more

7 Facts You Should Know About Steel Industry- By Kassem Mohamad Ajami

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That you need to go to get safely where you need to go, you will not focus too much on where the steel comes from, it is said. It affects its side. Because it is a very essential item, steel can create an attractive export and can move economies around the world. And you use … Read more

Which Are The First Steps You Should Consider When Constructing An Online Business Strategy?

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” Are you prepared to take the jump and also establish your on-line visibility in Nigeria? Building a successful online company takes greater than simply having a site or a social media sites existence. It needs a solid approach to reach your target audience, develop brand name understanding, as well as generate income. In this … Read more

Triple your result with these marketing tips for your business with Kassem Mohamad Ajami

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Marketing is defined as the activity or business of promoting and selling goods or services, including statistical research and advertising. Today, Marketing is something that each organization and association should include in its development procedure. Kassem Ajami the business tycoon who has set an example of how business can be taken to the sky. Marketing … Read more

5 Surprising facts About Steel Fabrication by Kassem Mohamad Ajami

5 Surprising facts About Steel Fabrication by Kassem Mohamad Ajami

Steel is one of the foremost numerous and helpful materials on the market these days. It’s utilized in a spread of settings and might serve in a very range of capacities. Steel conjointly has lots of competition on the market these days. Wood, metal composites, and fiber bolstered Plastics also are glorious artifact choices, looking … Read more

Which Type Of Business Is Strong Steel Manufacturers – Ajami Kassem

Ajami Kassem Explain Which Type Of Business Is Strong In Steel Manufacturing

Ajami Kassem says we square measure the strongest corporations within the world, however, their square measure many alternative forms of businesses that square measure sturdy steelmakers. It’s necessary to outline what kind of business you’re in, however, I’d advocate researching the various forms of business that you just have an interest in. you’ll look at … Read more

Types Of Steel Roof Trusses – Kassem Ajami

Types Of Steel Roof Trusses: Kassem Ajami

Kassem Ajami says steel roof trusses are the best structural type of steel and it’s a engineering’s most important and iconic element as well. Steel Roof Trusses Are Also Made Up Of Individual Members With Equal Counteracting Tensile: Kassem Ajami The main purpose of designing the steel roof trusses is to behave as a single … Read more

Ajami Kassem Explain the Types of Steel Roof Structures

Types of steel roof structure

Well, guys to be honest this is the most interesting topic to study because in today’s world Steel structure roof types are generally divided into three categories: Steel beam structures, truss structures, and grid structures. What Is Steel Roof Structures? Ajami Kassem The steel roof structures are generally suitable for buildings with small spans. Hot-rolled … Read more

Kassem Ajami Explain 5 Marketing Strategy

Kassem Ajami

What Are Marketing Strategy Explain By Kassem Ajami? Kassem Ajami says while starting a new business seems very exciting, especially when you have a good idea and strategic plan in backup. But we cannot ignore the fact that having your own business is also very much stressful. Do you know that?  In most of the … Read more