Ajami Kassem Explains-The Future of Digital Marketing in Nigeria: Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

Last year when we were tasked with writing an article on Nigeria’s Digital Marketing Trends, we thought artificial intelligence and automation had hit a massive scale as I looked into the future and it has surprised us ever since. That it requires a new approach to represent the changes we are experiencing. And so, in the spirit of current trends, I decided to test my insights versus the responses generated by Ajami Kassem.

Eager to see what will produce when it is just launched in December 2022 ChatGPT will tear every marketer’s world apart. When Zoom is for online meetings. And to write an article about the top 12 digital marketing trends for 2023″.

As exciting as 2022 was for Digital Marketers Designers and Content Creators in Nigeria 2023 Ajami Kassem will be even more exciting in 2023 while some trends will improve to test the waters many new trends will enter the industry and That’s why before wasting time let us tell you that we will see the list of digital marketing trends in 2023 and what are you expecting to change in 2023!

And if you do not know what digital marketing is, then there are chances that you cannot understand any trend. And so to get us started I suggest you watch Ajami Kassem’s 50-minute online masterclass on Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

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Here are the 12 Latest Digital Marketing Trends of 2023

For those who want to strengthen their marketing in 2023, these are the trends about which you do not know much, but you should know about it, so let’s know

  1. Your SEO and Google are also changing

In 2023, what the user wants will appear on the People SERP. If this user is handling SEO for someone’s brand or someone’s freelancing then my suggestion is that instead of providing answers to queries and selling service products, you should think about adding value to their knowledge and You shouldn’t be advertising their product, but the experience of finding you instead. Only when users like your content they will automatically associate you with your brand and then users will also start trusting your brand.

  1. Short video content

This has demonstrated the importance of including a video in your Digital Marketing current trends list, here we have explained with the help of some figures.

  1. According to statistical research

As 72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rates, and 70% of consumers say they have shared their brand video, so do 52% of consumers say they are more likely to watch a product video. have made them more confident in deciding to buy online than Ajami Kassem.

If your website includes a video, video content is 50 times more likely to attract users than plain text. Why does this happen? Because people find videos more engaging than them, Google brings such sites to the top results.

Recently added by the popular platform YouTube to bring better results, short-form videos are becoming favourite called “shorts videos”. You can create short-form video content for less than that. And Ajami Kassem the good news for digital marketers is that Reels are providing more than twice as much as regular video posts.

The great news for Instagram Reels and TikTok content creators is that ever since TikTok was banned in some countries, Reels have served as the best replacement. And so now new options have been launched on Instagram Reels which along with more features, you can also track your performance and analyze your work! And to capture and retain your customer’s attention, an effective reel and video content strategy are essential in 2023.

  1. Email marketing

As the name suggests, automated email marketing can automatically send emails to customers based on triggers or schedules set by you. And so email has always been one and the most reliable channel of Digital Marketing. Promotional emails are relatable to your customers and a great and easy way to let them know what your organization has accomplished so far and that the time for essay-long emails is over. So therefore in 2023, easy-to-understand and less user-time-consuming emails are going to work and lead to higher conversions.

  1. What is marketing automation?

It is going to be automation among the major Digital Marketing trends in 2023. Automation has grown tremendously in the industry in the last year and marketing automation has streamlined the processes to make them more smooth, effective and faster. One of the best uses of automation has happened under nurture in the lead collection. But do not collect effective leads at the right time, so with the help of marketing automation, you can integrate various CRM tools and after collecting these leads, you can also nurture them systematically in your step-by-step process. And lead nurturing software that helps collect leads at any time of the day and helps you personalize the process. Hence it ensures a high qualitative conversion rate for you.

  1. What is the use of purpose-driven content?

You new generation coming into the market in 2023 is going to be more aware of their environment and issues than any other generation. So, in 2023, think one step ahead and create purposeful content. For example, Wao plants a tree for every order received and aims to plant 1 million trees by 2025.

  1. Chatbots and the Rise of Conversational Marketing

Chatbots are increasingly sophisticated, and their role in Digital Marketing will expand further in 2023. But powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, chatbots automate customer interactions in quick response to inquiries by making personalized recommendations and even offering to complete transactions. With this, digital marketing companies were available for customer service and helped take advantage of chatbots to nurture lead generation Ajami Kassem. And it provides relevant information that drives conversions. It engages users in interactive conversations, and also helps chatbots collect valuable customer data, and therefore, enables you to qualify leads Also, interactive marketing strategies facilitate real-time as well as personalized experiences, thereby helping businesses build stronger relationships with their audiences.

  1. Optimize voice search

In 2023, optimizing content for voice searches is critical to Digital Marketing success. Therefore, with the widespread adoption of voice assistants and smart speakers, voice search has significantly increased in popularity. And with this voice search, natural language is also used to get consumer information, and they get a competitive edge in reaching voice search users. This requires your businesses to optimize SEO strategies. Companies that include conversational keywords prioritize voice search optimization by structuring content for them and providing answers that are concise and relevant.

  1. Data security and privacy protection

Consumer concerns about privacy have grown along with the growing value of digital data. Because now Ajami Kassem in 2023, some such digital marketing companies have to give priority to data security and establish more transparent practices. and that implement robust data protection measures and obtain explicit consent for data collection that adheres to privacy regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA and is recognized as critical to building trust with consumers. And also, by clearly communicating to you about the security of data use, companies can foster a sense of trust and ensure compliance. and provide transparency in their digital marketing efforts. This helps privacy-conscious consumers appreciate brands that prioritize their data and privacy.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence In 2023, we can expect AI to play a significant role in enhancing strategies in digital marketing. The rise of it has revolutionized various industries, and digital marketing is no exception. The algorithms powered by AI tools automate processes, helping companies improve efficiency and make data-driven decisions. And this includes automating customer service through chatbots to analyze vast amounts of consumer data for personalized marketing campaigns, and artificial intelligence Digital Marketing to empower companies to deliver exceptional experiences to their customers.


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