7 Things Great Marketer Do Every Day- Kassem Ajami

Although being a marketer is very nice, it is not always simple, says Kassem Ajami. We have a lot on our plates, including campaigns, objectives, spending plans, and priorities. Not to mention the fact that we must continuously be imaginative, diligent, flexible, and persistent.

Despite having such a broad variety of duties, we nevertheless have the zeal to triumph by consistently performing a few excellent things.

Anyone can develop their marketing skills. Great habits may be developed if you set your mind to them and take specific measures towards a more creative and reliable routine. To start noticing benefits in your marketing approach, you need commitment and a plan.

7 Things Great Marketer Do Every Day- Kassem Ajami

Make marketing campaign objectives:

The best and most successful marketers like Kassem Ajami have goals. Who is to claim that a campaign that doesn’t have any goals was successful? Setting goals for your marketing initiatives will enable you to determine their success.

Everyone’s definition of success may vary. Maybe you define success as generating a certain volume of leads, customers, or income. Give whatever it is you’re aiming for a suitable standard so you can work towards it.

A successful marketer also doesn’t stop after achieving their objectives; instead, they create new ones and carry on.

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Investigate the opposition:

Avoid marketing in the shadows. Learn who your rivals are and observe what they are doing. It’s quite acceptable for marketers to be curious about what their rivals are doing and how their own efforts compare.

This gives you a picture of your competition and might help you advance in your field. You claim, “My competitor appears in Google’s top 3 search results.” Therefore, you must concentrate on finding ways to expand your company there as well. Find out their tactics and see whether your business can cover any holes to rank higher on the SERPs (search engine results page).

Identify your intended audience:

Although it may seem apparent, you’d be shocked at how many businesses fail to effectively address their target audience. In order to effectively sell to your target audience, you must first understand who they are.

Great marketers base their marketing strategies on the demands of their target audience, and developing buyer personas is one way to do this. This persona outlines the best times, places, and methods for communicating with your target market.

Throughout all of your marketing initiatives, it should be clear which communication styles best fit your persona. from the website’s text and layout to the tweet you just planned.

Make engaging material:

According to Kassem Ajami You’ve probably heard it before. You must write blog articles, ebooks, PDFs, infographics, memes, webinars, slide shows, and so on. There are many different forms of content to experiment with, and a skilled marketer doesn’t stick to just one.

It’s essential to provide content that your audience will want to share and engage with. With content, you can inform potential customers about the key issues facing your sector and win their respect as an authoritative source.

Great marketers are also tenacious enough to produce original content when the chance arises. Make an effort to add more creativity, interaction, and aesthetic appeal to your posts if they are becoming monotonous and losing followers.

Develop your relationships:

Marketing’s goal is to establish relationships with prospects and leads. It begins the minute they discover your business online and continues all the way through the client experience.
Many marketers use automated emails to maintain contacts.

They send a string of emails that capitalise on a lead’s interests by recommending further information you believe they’ll find appealing. If it fits within the scope of your business, you may also nurture them on a more personal level by directly sending emails.

Take advantage of these chances to follow up on recent conversions and engagements on your website. Social networking is a fantastic environment for fostering On a variety of platforms, marketers may locate their target market and interact with them there.

Listen to others on social media:

It’s important to pay attention to what people are saying on social media about your company and your sector. If you’re not actively listening, many opportunities might be lost.

Maybe someone is complaining on Twitter about your company because they don’t like it. You have the chance to speak out and address their problems if you pay attention.

Many individuals use social media to pose inquiries in the hopes that someone will respond. You have the chance to answer and establish yourself as a reliable source of information for them if you are paying attention. Great marketers speak directly to their audience and engage in frequent, direct communication.

Market into segments:

The general strategy of sending out a single, huge email blast is far less successful than targeted messaging. Your contact database contains a variety of people. By asking the appropriate questions, a successful marketer will learn what sets them apart from the competition.

You should divide your market in a certain way, depending on your industry. You might group your connections according to their ailments. To find out, send them a checklist or survey through email or embed it on your website and ask them to list their concerns.

From here, you may divide your contacts into groups based on their pain points and market to each one separately. You’ll need to provide a remedy for each of the several pain points that each group will have.


Kassem Ajami lists seven fundamental daily routines that set excellent marketers apart. These marketers may achieve long-term success by highlighting the significance of being up to date on market developments, encouraging innovation, and maintaining a customer-centric strategy.

Their efficiency is further increased by consistency in data analysis, adaptability to shifting market dynamics, and the development of excellent communication abilities. Finally, successful marketers may maintain an advantage in the cutthroat industry by encouraging a growth attitude and embracing innovation. By putting these strategies into practice consistently, one may open the door to extraordinary successes and take their marketing skills to new heights.

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