Ajami Kassem Explain the Types of Steel Roof Structures

Well, guys to be honest this is the most interesting topic to study because in today’s world Steel structure roof types are generally divided into three categories: Steel beam structures, truss structures, and grid structures.

What Is Steel Roof Structures? Ajami Kassem

The steel roof structures are generally suitable for buildings with small spans. Hot-rolled sections such as I-beam, channel steel, and H-beam channel are commonly used for beams that are small-span, and welded I-beams or welded special shape steels are used as larger-span beams.

Apart from that, the horizontal parts in the section of these components are called flanges the vertical parts are called webs.

The above beams like webs are all solid steel plates and for a larger spans or large-load beams and just because of their large bending moments, they require a relatively high resistance section.

Because of its large mass, the web is too heavy and inconvenient to produce and transport. Generally, but it is suitable for buildings with a small span.

The truss structure refers to the truss beam, which is also considered a latticed beam structure.

Truss structures are often used in large-span factories, exhibition halls, stadiums, bridges, and other residential or commercial buildings.

As because it is mostly used in building roof structures, trusses are often called roof trusses.

Its web is composed of many small crosssection rods, which is also called an open web or should I say lattice-type beam.

Grid structure simply means a spatial structure formed by connecting multiple rods through nodes in a certain grid form.

With that it also some of the advantages of small space stress, lightweight, high rigidity, and good seismic performance. It can be used as the roof of buildings such as stadiums, movie theatres, exhibition halls, waiting halls, stadium stands, hangars, and in two-way large column spacing workshops.

As all the things have two faces, it also has some disadvantages which areas the number of larger than required rods converging on the node, and the production and installation are more complicated than the planned structure.

There are several factors which we think you should know: –

It meets the local climate condition

Choosing and getting installed the right steel structure roof system is an essential thing. For example, in rainy and snowy areas, the snow on the roof will be heavy, which may cause the steel roof structures design to be unsuitable and will collapse.

Before installing the Steel roofs in coastal areas some of the issues must be considered such as the issues of resistance to wind and better corrosion, in areas with hot weather.

Enough slope

If it frequently rains in the area and there is snow as well, then the design slope should be enough larger.

In addition, we must pay attention to the installation. For example, if the steel roof structures will be installed with a high slope, then the length of the panel will be insufficient; if the installation of the steel roof is low and the length of the panel will be too long.

Just considering the price is not a good thing

Usually, there are countless components for installing steel roof and steel structure buildings, which require a professional construction team to install and transport. Therefore, the whole project’s total cost needs to be determined, not just the cost of the steel roof system.

Hope you got our point.

Always get your work done with a professional team

As we all know that there are many different materials for the roof panels, and for each of them the installation methods will be different, and the construction personnel may have different levels of experience as well.

So in this case the experienced installers can complete the installation of the steel roof system faster and better.

If inexperienced construction personnel install it, then may you will have to invest very less bucks as compared to the professional one but the construction pace won’t be as expected and the advantages of the short and rapid construction period of the steel structure will not be reflected. If the person who is installing is unprofessional, measurement errors will be there and the chances of risk will be increased.

Don’t let that impact the environment

The roof material’s slope, type, contour, shape, thickness, and the decorative surface of the steel should be selected always for the following local environmental factors.

For example, let’s assume that there is a lot of rain and high temperature, the slope of the roof cannot be too small, and it is not necessary to use too thick insulation materials, right.

But there are little rain and snow in northern my country, and the temperature is low. The roof slope does not need to be too large or too small, and your work doesn’t over herewith that the heat preservation must be considered.

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