Types Of Steel Roof Trusses – Kassem Ajami

Kassem Ajami says steel roof trusses are the best structural type of steel and it’s a engineering’s most important and iconic element as well.

Steel Roof Trusses Are Also Made Up Of Individual Members With Equal Counteracting Tensile: Kassem Ajami

The main purpose of designing the steel roof trusses is to behave as a single object which carries or should I say support the heavy load over a span. The arch which generally uses for the compressions and directs that applies a force along its member on the ground. The demise of an arched truss system is the forces of tension; the longer the span the shallower the arched truss becomes, allowing the forces of tension for applying more force and attraction and for causing the arch’s which helps in supporting such load that are applied on a roof. Just for preventing them, the arch trusses takes benefit of one of the most structural engineering most simple shapes of the triangle. A truss system design is basically three members the first one is on a top chord, second one on a bottom chord and other remaining interior members which called the webbing or webs.

Benefit Of Trusses

While steel trusses can be a lot more costly and more difficult to install than timber trusses and same time steel offers several advantages as well. Steel is lightweight as we all knows that, which offers a great benefit it can be installed quickly and it’s made of recycled materials.

If you will compare with wood then we would like to let you know that steel is also fire and pest resistance and wouldn’t get rust.

But we cannot ignore the fact that steel also requires little maintenance over other metal on time to time or the most important benefit of it is like it’s a recyclable at the end of its lifespan.

If will talk about the timber which cannot possibly be uniform because of its inherent and natural environment or same time steel trusses are completely true to form again and again.

Therefore, all the trusses that exist all arrives at the job site and are also designed exactly with minute variation.

To being honest with you the steel and metal buildings will surely get the extra points and will also get the reputable green building certification. One of the main reasons for this is that steel trusses are fabricated using up to 90% recycled content and are also 100% recyclable at the end of their lifespan. This, combined with the fact that they are incredibly durable and rarely need to be replace, makes them a very eco-friendly building product.

Fire-retardant coatings render steel roof trusses virtually indestructible by fire. This is important for any structure with living occupants or that houses valuable property. the fire resistance  added also offers an benefit for structures that are solidly built for high storm areas or for the kind of areas  where there is a high risk about seismic activity, hope you are getting our words

Types of Steel Roof Trusses

Pratt truss

The most commonly and economical trusses basically found in construction sites or the site where there is a need of kind of truss which stays longer and can handle the heavy weight, storm and all.

In this type of the members generally place vertically and this is for the compression where there are diagonals one respond to the tension. This truss is considered to use in such kind of projects that have a span of around 20 – 100 meters.

Pratt truss are generally coming in two types we have mentioned:

  • Pratt truss with secondary members
  • Duo-pitch Pratt truss

Warren truss

In this steel truss all the diagonal members out there are generally place opposite and the reason for that is to create a shape of ‘W.’

Apart from that they also have equal compression and same time some tension. Hence, it requires the less number of members as compared to Pratt truss.

The actual benefit of using Warren trusses for your project is that, this specially comes in a kind of a project where there is a 20 to 100 meters of span.

Fink truss

This is considered as one of the most commonly uses for a roof.

There is a thing that Fink truss has shorter members and some chords along with that as well.

This type of steel roof trusses for which we are informing you is useful in places which have a shorter span, due to shorter size, but the benefit of using Fink trusses arelike these all are very economical to use.

King post truss

Do you know that, King Post trusses are one of the simplest truss of fabricate, king post truss also has two sided angle which support members. These angles are kind of trusses which are used for a short period of distance around 8 meters and so, and also they comes in a use for small houses.

Queen post truss

As Like as the king post truss which we have mentioned above, queen post truss is very simple to fabricate but apart from that it is also very versatile in use.

This type of trusses are used to make covered bridges, roofs, etc.

It can also come in a use of a  of 10 distance under the 10 meters.

Howe truss

Steel roof Howe truss is basically a genuine combination of steel and wood. The use of steelHowe truss provide some extra support to the construction site and also reduces the risk.

Apart from that they also have a huge span, that can cover around 5 – 25 meters.

Because of its versatility and this type of trusses used in a construction.

North light truss

If you will move your eyes around then you will find that one of the oldest and resistant trusses which has been found is the North-Light truss. To being honest with you my friend, this is because of proper ventilation that it offers, and another reason for that is spread that it has 30 to 40-meter span.

Due to its unbeatable durability and unbelievable versatility, these NorthLight Truss is generally used in the large spaces because it allows maximum light to reach the larger spaces as compared to other trusses.

Uses of Trusses

All the Trusses out there are basically triangular systems which is interconnected with structural elements, and this reason make them most commonly used for all the kind of roof support.

Steel roof trusses in particular and are carefullydesigned to give a support with considerable amount weight for short life span, which usually makes them ideal for all the kinds of warehouses roof, event arenas and aircraft hangars, roof over the airport terminals, and some other largescale buildings or project.

If you’re considering steel trusses for your building, you’ll probably come across the following terms. Here we have mentioned some of the best steel roof trusses and the use of that trusses.

  • Pratt (bridges, aircraft hangars, long-span buildings)
  • North Light (industrial workshops)
  • Warren (gantry/crane girders, long-span buildings)
  • Fink (homes)
  • Scissor (churches, museums, homes)
  • Hip (areas with high winds and heavy snowfall)
  • Flat (flat roofs of commercial buildings)